Marco Dalpane, or Son of A Simple Lunch

Posted: January 14, 2014 in transcriptions, zappa

Marco Dalpane is a composer and a pianist primarily focused on 20th century and contemporary music. He plays piano in Orchestra Spaziale meets Zappafrank and is one of the producers for the A Simple Lunch netlabel. He has also transcribed, arranged and performed for piano solo Peaches and Regalia and Frank Zappa suite (Let’s Make the Water Turn Black/Harry, You Are a Beast/The Orange County Lumber Truck/Oh No/Theme from Lumpy Gravy).

Here are the videos of these performances.



Especially in the case of Frank Zappa suite, Marco’s transcriptions demonstrate that the music of Frank Zappa is a text that can be read in different languages keeping the original message, and sometimes renewing it.


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