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Posted: February 25, 2014 in book, fz related interview, zappa
"Frank e il resto del mondo" by Alessandra Izzo, Armando Curcio Editore

“Frank e il resto del mondo” by Alessandra Izzo, Armando Curcio Editore


On December 4, 2013 a peculiar book of stories and feelings related to Frank Zappa has been published in Italy: “Frank e il resto del mondo” by Alessandra Izzo. The author, who came to know the musician in 1982, interviewed an assorted group of persons who have met Zappa for different reasons and in diverse circumstances. The book starts with Alessandra’s personal account, then all the interviews follow, with a short profile of the interviewees.

As expected, a complex picture emerges, some of the persons involved had a chance for a bright relationship with the musician, others didn’t manage to go much beyond the surface, but there is at least one common trait: when the life paths of all these persons joined the Zappa roads, something truly special happened, and marked a significant influence to their life.

The book has not been translated into other languages yet, so this blog asked Alessandra Izzo to reproduce a quote from her own account and from every interview. She has kindly accepted!


Alessandra Izzo (the author)
I have never forget that first evening and that light conversation, so unique. All in all, our souls were at the same time close and far, however we didn’t meet by chance. Yes, it is true, I was the one who tried to get in touch, but I knew the encounter was going to be special. That night FZ thought me how to forgive, but it needed a lot of years to learn and follow his suggestions. To this day, I thank him with all my heart.

Alessandra Izzo, photo by Andrea Sabatello

Alessandra Izzo, photo by Andrea Sabatello

Patrice “Candy” Zappa (Frank’s sister, musician and author)
My brother was the funniest person on the planet and he had the most witty, beautiful and contagious laugh I have ever known so far.

Bunk Gardner (musician)
Frank was a very talented composer, he had such a great sense of humor and a huge creative streak that could get into everything he did.

Essra Mohawk (musician)
The Mothers had that talent, that strange chemistry, and this was however, largely due to their band leader, Frank Zappa.

Fabio Treves (musician)
His voice, the pauses in his expression, his distinctive way of speaking that definitely reach the heart of a person, and also his slang, his neologisms, all these traits still strike me.

Ferdinando Boero (biologist)
An extremely serious person who always wanted to laugh.

Claudio Trotta (book agent)
It was like dealing with a flooding river, he was overwhelming but in a positive, vital, stimulating sense, he was always a source of inspiration, without a doubt a person to emulate.

Massimo Bassoli (editor)
Among all the people I know, I believe Frank was the one who was better able to enjoy the company of his own imagination.

Ed Mann (musician)
I love Frank, I always miss him. He had an extraordinary electric quality about him that caused me to excel in ways that I had never dreamed of. Playing with him on stage was more fun than any other band I have worked with.

Pamela Des Barres (former rock and roll groupie, author and magazine writer)
What I loved most about Frank was the skill to bring out of every person the BEST, kind of demanding you confess your dreams, your goals, your things, even the more private and intimate.

Rutger Hauer (actor)
I loved him. All parts of him. His mustache. His heavy smoke. His smile.

Ike Willis (musician)
I had LOTS of fun. We laughed a great deal of the time. Frank was the funniest person in the world.


Rutger Hauer and Alessandra Izzo in June 2009

Rutger Hauer and Alessandra Izzo in June 2009


As a further tribute to the man from Baltimore, Alessandra sent two little seen pictures shot by Fausto Franceschini at the August 31, 1973 concert in Rome. Thank you Alessandra!


Frank Zappa, Rome, August 31, 1973, photo by Fausto Franceschini

Frank Zappa, Rome, August 31, 1973, photo by Fausto Franceschini


  1. To read these comments, you would think Frank Zappa was faultless, which he wasn’t.

  2. rhoerer says:

    Yes, naturally. For that kind of stuff one should go for The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, a great movie. Happy New Year! I do hope it will bring as less faults as possible!

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